Website Care Plans

Complete website support for peace of mind,
ongoing results and growth.

Website Care Plans

Complete website support for peace of mind,
ongoing results and growth.

Your website is an investment. Don’t neglect it!

What would happen if you opened your website to find it hacked? What would you do? How much would it cost your business? How would you go about getting it fixed quickly?

Working with Ash-Mobile met all of our expectations. The team delivered accurate and professional
work without falling behind schedule.
Boaz Farkash | SiSense

Product Manager at SiSense

It's really a pleasure to work with someone who understands your needs and delivers on time much more than expected. Definitely Recommended!

Itay Erez | SiSense

Director of Marketing at SiSense

"Ash-Mobile team is amazing! real experts on WordPress Responsive design, the best I've come across in a long time."

Gali Soudak | Daze Marketing

Ash-Mobile team built a fully customized site for us. With patience, creativity and full cooperation, complying to all of our needs and requests and continue to support us in an on going basis, with great customer service and support, we couldn't ask for more.
Michal Galamin Shahino


Maintenance & Reports

Dedicated support for your WordPress site or blog including Wordpress Core updates, security and performance checks, We keep your site up to date.

Website Backups | WordPress Update | Plugins Update | Security Scans | Performance Scans | Clean up Spam and Revisions | Optimize Database |monthly email report.

Strategy & Consulting

Strategy planing session over the phone or Skype – Included in the personal & Premium plans. book your time and we'll do our best to help.

You can use this time for a Consulting call or specific changes requests like: Live editing or training.

Support & Training

All of our clients get unlimited access to our training site containing over 100 WordPress Video tutorials, you'll have all the training you need to run a professional business website.

You can schedule a support time for almost all website changes requests including: Content upload, products upload (for e-commerce sites), Blog updates, menus, pages etc…


Monthly payments, No Long Term Contracts, Cancel Any Time.

We offer more than just website maintenance.

We strive to supply the tools and knowledge for growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the monthly time rollover?
Like a lawyer’s retainer, the monthly time is there for you every month to reserve your place in our queue and our resources, therefore it does not rollover for Basic Care  and Personal Care plans. You can take comfort in the fact that what you will request within that 30/60 minutes of time (depending on your plan) will be addressed by our team with immediate attention.

Our Premium Care plan allow for the 2 hour time block for that month to rollover up to one year, as long as you are an active monthly client on the Premium Care plan.

What happens if my website goes down, is hacked, breaks, etc?
What happens if my website goes down, is hacked, breaks, etc?

The whole purpose of our client plans is preventative care, so we hope to prevent anything from happening. However, in the case your website gets rolled into the ER, we will be there right by it’s side communicating with the web hosting on your behalf. We cannot promise your website will not be hacked but can promise we will do everything in our power to prevent it, as well as assist in the restoration and cleanup of the website with one of our backups.

What tasks are included in the dedicated support time?
Content update requests and small design improvements are the most common requests, however anything that can fit into your monthly support time is free game. We just ask you to be aware that requests for new features to your website will likely result in a formal quote as those commonly go over the monthly dedicated time.
What if I need something outside the plans?
If you have a task that is beyond what is included in your plan, we will submit a quote for you to approve separately.

However, many times we will evaluate requests that exceed your plan on a case by case basis, and with approval, work past the time and bill for time exceeded at the support rate listed on your plan.

How do consulting calls work?
Email is our best form of communication since it yields the fastest response. However, we know brainstorming works best on the phone or on a video call. These consulting calls are reserved for our Personal and Premium clients. They help focus a trajectory of the website for growth and improvements. Many times clients use this time to online screen-share small updates or training.
What if I need more hours?
If you have a task that requires more than your dedicated monthly time, we will submit a quote for you to approve separately from your plan However, many times we will evaluate requests that exceed your time on a case by case basis, and with approval, work past the time and bill for time exceeded at our current support rate of $125/hr.
Can I really cancel anytime?
Absolutely. We are all about a relationship with you and your website, so we would hate to see you go but we know financial needs weigh on many decisions and don’t want to lock anyone in. Request a cancellation via email to, and we will immediately stop the next payment.
what about Hosting?
You can use your own hosting providor. Although we prefer to use our recommended providers, we'll review your web hosting and talk to your hosting company to make sure it will fit your needs.

If you prefer to move your website to our Premium Web Hosting Partners, we offer migration for a one-off fee of $200.

How does billing work?
Your Credit Card  will be charged automatically at the start of each month.

Once payment is complete we send you a tax invoice PDF directly to your email.

More Questions?

If we didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.